Monday, June 28, 2010

Dog pile

Have I mentioned how much I love my dogs? I've wanted photos of all of the dogs together for a long time. And while they aren't all here, it's still pretty freakin' fantastic! Seven out of 12 is not too bad. Can you tell that Pasqual is a total camera hog? Anytime you get out a camera he strikes a pose and hams it up for the shutterbug. And it turns out that our bed was the perfect stage.

About a year ago I posed for these photos for Crave, a book on women business owners. My good friend and photographer extraordinaire, Casey Woods shot the photos. She took several photos of me in my studio working but we both wanted to do something with the dogs, as many as we could coerce in front of the camera. I was pretty shocked at how well they behaved. The dogs are so much of who I am, it seemed only natural to include them. Needless to say I am in love with the result. Seriously, I have THE cutest dogs EVER!