Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Preacher Chronicles

I suppose I should think about changing the name of this blog if all I am going to talk about is Preacher. But he is about all that is on my mind these days so you are stuck with him as well. So, major progress in the last two days. His chemo was Tuesday. He felt pretty poopy Tuesday night I think, not worse but not better. But yesterday and today? Sooooo much better. If yesterday was good, today was great! He is eating Actual dry dog food which he has not eaten in well over a week. Tonight we were talked into leaving to go to a movie. I knew it was a good idea to get out but I was a nervous wreck. I called my dad and asked him to go check on him while we were gone just so I could actually go without having a panic attack. So we just got home and he actually RAN, well, maybe it was more of a trot, but still he came trotting to the door to greet us! My body was torn between crying, laughing, or jumping up and down. I settled on giving him huge hugs and kisses by the ton.