Tuesday, June 23, 2009

News and a cute baby bird...

First of all, drum roll please, Preacher is officially in remission! Whoo Hoo! He had his second round of chemo today. When they called to let me know he was ready to be picked up they also told me that the doctor feels he is in complete remission! Now we just continue on with the course of chemo (six months) and try to keep him that way. Last week when we took him in he was dragging big time. He felt like serious poop. Today, when I picked him up, he came running from the back room pulling the tech behind him and didn't see the glass door in front of him and ran right into it. Like Mother like dog. If you don't know that story...I'm glad! :)

The photo is of a baby bird in our back yard. Now, I am not a fan of birds. I am actually a little afraid of them. But baby birds are pretty precious. And the whole sweetness of leaving the nest...it's so sad and symbolic. Anyway, a momma made a nest in a lantern on our back porch. Not sure how many babies she had, but this little guy hopped out of the nest a little early. In my back yard that can be a dangerous thing. I scooped him up with a pot and plopped him back into his lantern. But not before snapping some photos of his fuzzy little face.