Thursday, April 30, 2009

hmmmm, what to name him...

Meet our newest foster. We just brought him home today, he doesn't even have a name yet. Tom took the day off work and I had a wild hair to go down to the shelter and pick out a new foster pup. I love going down there, Tom hates it. I try to focus on the fact that we get to liberate some precious dog from "jail". Tom has a hard time not thinking about all the ones we can't take. For instance, there was an old lab in the office hanging out with the staff. She was scheduled to be euthanized that day and they were just trying to give her some love before the end. It was horrible. I wanted to take her. It's so hard because if we take one long term dog that's a lot of dogs we can't help while we search for that needle-in-a-haystack home. Not too many people want the big lab on its last leg. If people would just spay and neuter their pets!!! But I digress.

So we "interviewed" a few dogs. This little guy seemed fairly calm, he was already neutered, vaccinated. I'm thinking "quick adoption". We also picked two young wire-haired dachshunds whose elderly owner was sick so her "loving son" took her dogs to the pound. But I digress.

We first took this little guy out and decided he was a taker. Then we took out the dachshunds and decided they were takers. Tom wanted to take one of the litter of catahoula puppies but I am so puppied out after the last two. But it's so hard to say no to puppies. And it is major puppysville at the shelter. I think there were at least 50 puppies. Several litters - cute stocky little yellow labs, a couple of yorkie-poos - and then lots of single pups - a cute pure bred boxer pup, a purebred german shepherd pup, two pit bull puppies I could have died over! But I digress.

We were only able to bring this little one home today. We'll pick up the other two on Sunday. So we hop in the car with Kid Dyn-O-mite (as we are calling him at the moment) and he's a little more active than he appeared to be. Then he starts running around the car. He hops in Tom's lap as he drove down the highway and was doing laps up his chest and around his head and back again. It was hilarious and fairly dangerous I am sure! But he's very cute and resting comfortably in Tom's lap as I type. I am sure it is much better than the concrete floor he slept on last night.

Now, what do we name a five month old, white, spastic chihuahua???