Tuesday, February 17, 2009

my cuddle bug

I just had to share this moment with you because it NEVER happens. My Big Man is not actually a cuddle bug at all. Don't get me wrong, he loves attention and he loves to be pet, pat, scratched, etc. But he sees little point in just touching without any of the scratching, etc. So tonight when he couldn't seem to get settled I invited him up with me. I thought maybe he'd humor me for two or three minutes but once I tired of scratching his head he'd be outta there. After about 15 minutes though he fell asleep and stayed, all 130 pounds of him, right in my lap...I say lap, but when you're talking about a Great Dane "lap" really means chin to toes...anyway, he stayed for about an hour. It was so sweet.

At 10 years old he's really not much different than he was at 10 months old when we adopted him from Great Dane Rescue in Dallas. He had the same need for a good 20 hours of sleep a day, the same annoyed look when you sit too close on the couch with out continuous petting, the same bizarre inability to drink from a bowl of water unless it is filled to the brim. He's funny, sweet, and oh so precious to me.