Thursday, June 26, 2008

Who do you love?

I just took a bunch of new photos of jewelry, etc. the other day and had to spotlight Willie! Living in Texas it's a requirement that you love and adore Willie Nelson - I think you get your Texas citizenship revoked if you DON'T love Willie! And what better bottlecap to use than Lone Star - or at least some Texas beer?

So, my question is, "Who do you love?" Who should I consider adding to my bottlecap repritoire? So far I have the following fabulous people - Tom Selleck (of course!), Dolly Parton, Richard Dawson, Angela Lansbury, Willie, James Garner, Isaac (the bartender from the Love Boat), Obama, Bob Geldof...but who else deserves to be immortalized in resin? I mean, look at the company they would keep - it has to be people who would live up to the afore mentioned people! So, share your thoughts! If I pick yours I will happily send you your very own!