Thursday, February 3, 2011

I have arrived!

It's official, I received my first really negative comment on my blog. My first instinct was to delete it. But then I thought, you know, I put it out there, I post personal stuff and people are bound to have their opinions. I can't really get mad about it and if I do maybe I shouldn't have this blog. Sometimes I read negative comments on other people's blogs and think "wow, that person was ballsy to say that", but think it goes with the territory of having a blog. But, with that said, just because I have a blog, just because anyone has a blog, does that give people the right to be super judgmental based on a relatively small amount of information?

So here's the comment in response to my post "home again home again":

OMG - you treated yourself to a vacation and left all those poor dogs at home to fend for themselves with your "assistant" only dropping in instead of having someone live with the dogs. How could you leave the Great Dane that is recovering from cancer. Shameful. I'm glad there are good dog owners around who care enough about their pets to sacrifice vacations to spend with their pets. Wow. I cried when I read about him on the floor unable to get up. He must have been so scared until he was found.

It kind of bugs me that I want to defend myself. I wish I was the type who could blow it off, think "this person doesn't know me", but I can't. So here goes. Yes, we went out of town and stayed with a friend's dog while she was on vacation. What I didn't put in my blog was how much I agonized over leaving, should we go, should we not. Will Preacher be okay? Is he too old for us to travel? I AGONIZED! In order to be okay with leaving town I had to have a plan. I knew by being in New York I had access to a flight home at nearly any time of day. That was comforting. I didn't hire a pet sitter who would come in for 30 minutes three times a had to be people who the dogs know and are familiar with. There was a strict schedule of people in and out of the house, morning, noon, and night, so the dogs would not have to be alone for more that three hours at a time. I didn't mention all of this because truthfully, most people think I am nuts about how overboard I go with my dogs. But since it did come up, did you know...

that I call my vet to personally let him know that we are out of town and to make sure they have alternate phone numbers for emergencies?
that my parents live a little over a mile from me and come over several times a day?
that my mom came over and stayed for hours on her days off and worked in my studio so the dogs could hang out like any normal day?
that Brittany (my assistant) sat in the middle of the bed with the dogs while doing her homework and watching the Food Network in between her classes each day?
that my mom and dad watched American Idol with the dogs while having a a glass of wine?
that my dad made videos of the dogs cuddled up in my mom's lap and videos of Preacher walking around the house?
that I have my vet's personal cell phone number and I called him from New York to make sure everything was being done for Preacher?
that I had two extra people on call in case anything went wrong?
that I have a notebook with a photo of each dog, where they eat, sleep, their likes, dislikes, medications, nick names, etc?

I don't put all of that stuff in my blog because it's boring, it makes for the longest blog post ever, and it makes me sound like a nut!

I said the dogs had a rough week, I did say that. And I suppose it was rough compared to me being at home with them everyday, but they by no means were deprived or left to fend for themselves.

The fact that Preacher fell while we were gone was awful. Tom and I were sick with worry and both cried, stressed, vacillated between leaving and staying from minute to minute. As I type this I am more annoyed with myself than when I started. I shouldn't let this get to me. I think the only reason that it does is because my dogs are my life. You could insult just about anything about me, but insinuating that I am a bad dog parent is something I can't brush off.

I guess my point is this, think before you write. Do you really know enough about someone from a blog post to judge them?


Mama Deb said...

Dang, Laura. Sorry someone was rude like that. Even though your dogs are absolutely your babies and your life, EVERYONE needs a break from time to time. We waffled over whether to leave our dogs for four days over Christmas break when Sydney was doing really poorly, but like you, we had all the proper measures in place and we went. All of the goodness you have done for your animals and many others cannot be undone by fall by Preacher. Even if YOU'D been there with him, he could have fallen when you went to the grocery store, etc. That person who left the negative comment is probably just envious that you had the opportunity to go to NYC and they didn't. I'm on a tear today, so I guess this one just struck me a little harsher than it might have on another day!

Ty Castro said...

Never take to heart the hateful comments of someone too cowardly to even leave their name.

Marbella Jewelry Designs said...

that is one of the things that is wrong with society; people make assumptions. and then.... they feel they can criticize without having all the information.

we all need to remember not to assume anything. shame on her for being so judgemental.

Michele Garcia said...

Bravo, Laura! Well said. In my book, you are an awesome dog parent.

karifstringer said...

Hey anonymous! I hate to sound cliche'-but thats whats wrong with the world...too much judgement. You are obviously a pet-lover (having many of my own, I can appreciate that), but you and I can't hold a candle to this lady your picking on.

We may take in a menagerie because they need homes and talk about how someone needs to do something to help out the rest over cocktails, but Laura actually does. She has had a big hand in placing close to 2,000 dogs in loving, perfectly picked homes to date. I assure you with as much love and commitment as she has had to offer them, she has plenty left for her own.

Your passionate defense of the under"dog" is admirable, but your disgust and shame could not have been more misdirected. Anyone who has a pet sacrifices for them. The more you have the more you have to give. Laura and Tom admirably and lovingly give more than most everyday. Time that they take for themselves is not selfish...its well-deserved! about a happy ending? Anonymously apologize so we can all feel a little better. If not, grow some balls and put your name on it.

Janice said...

I'm going to offer a dissenting opinion.

Just because you have a blog, does NOT mean it is ok, or should be expected, for people to make assumptions and then give you a hard time based upon those assumptions. Unless they have first hand knowledge of the kind that can not be gleaned from a blog - people out to err WAY on the side of caution. That someone made a judgement based on such little information - I can understand....we all make judgements - but to insinuate you are a bad petparent out loud, in a public forum -- dude, that's just wrong. way wrong. and should never be 'expected'.

I admit to not reading your last few posts - I knew you were traveling from the snips I got in my reader - and although I wondered about the dogs (not in a bad way) my main thought was HALLELUJAH that girl is taking a vacation!!! Life is full of stress, for both people and animals - the best we can do is attempt to minmize it. You did that for your poochies. As anyone who knows even a little about you would guess.

You really do NEED and deserve time away now and then. Make sure you do it often enough. You won't be any good to anyone if you totally burn yourself out. Getting out of town now and then is probably one of the best things you could do, not only for you but for your dogs. Its good for you, for you health, etc - and that surely has a trickle down effect.

I can say one thing with absolute certainty, people will NEVER cease to amaze me.

you amaze me all the time

Keep it up. ((hugs))

Zuzu's Petals said...

Laura, Laura, Laura, do you think we care what one strange person says about you taking a trip!
Forget about it! Remember: People who judge you don't matter, people who matter don't judge!
I agree with all the comments posted to your blog thus far - and I will only say "ditto".
You are a wonderful person. I don't even know you...but I feel as though you have been my friend for years.

Liz said...

eh, Laura, I agree with Janice.

I would guess that this person may not be a regular reader and perhaps found your post while googling for something. Anyone who pays attention knows how much of your life is your dogs and how well loved and cared for they are.

I'm glad you filled in the blanks, though, just in case that person followed up... hopefully they feel ashamed for being an asshole. Oh, the poor poor rescued dogs who might not have a home otherwise. They're so neglected!!! puh. I'm tired of people and their negativity and cowardice to come out and stand behind their words.

You rock.
See you soon.

Mean Eyed Cat said...

So sorry that happened to you. I don't think it is ok to judge or leave negative feedback on personal things. I have been following your blog for a very long time and I think you are a fantastic dog mom.
- terrah

Jen said...

Hi, Laura. I don't know if you remember me from the Pet Cancer Support Group (I'm Indiana's Mom), but I check your blog periodically to see how Preacher is doing. I just wanted to say I completely relate to your story about travelling and your pets. We just went away on vacation last week, and like you, I make tons of arrangements for my fur kids, yet I still worry a lot. What we as parents have to remember is that even with a "sick" child, we have to take care of ourselves too. Even if that means getting away for a short time. You will come back a better parent for it. I've written about that very thing on my blog as well, so I am behind you 100%! I'm glad to hear Preacher is still well; what an amazing guy.

megan said...

love you guys completely and wholly. and holy. :-) megan & greg & tula & pie

Metalsgirl said...

To everyone who posted a comment: you guys are THE best! Your comments made me laugh and cry, they made me feel like the luckiest person ever to have so many unbelievable people in my corner. I can't convey the depth of my appreciation in words - I would love to hug each of you in person, if I get to see you I will, if not please know how much I wish I could. love.