Monday, February 28, 2011

Newer isn't always better.

This is my post office. Awesome, huh? I'm not a big fan of change, can't stand it in fact. I usually don't think that newer is better - every time "they" update my email or Facebook I mourn the old version. That's how I feel about my post office. This precious little building is actually a genuine, real-deal general store. It's in the town of McNeil Texas, population zero. The only thing in McNeil is this building and a plant where they excavate white lime. The store primarily serves the employees of the white lime plant. The employees even carry lines of credit! I'm telling you, it's the real-deal. The post office is just a tiny corner of the store with just one post-person. It even has the old brass post office boxes. The one employee loves her job there so we are never met with the surly post office employee, but a cheerful face who knows our names, asks about the family, the whole nine. It's like Cheers in a post office. "They" recently threatened to close the place down but after an uproar from the patrons of this little throw-back the word on the street is we get to keep our little gem. Whew! A brand-spankin'-new post office might do me in!