Monday, January 31, 2011

home again, home again

We're home. It was a rough week on the poor dogs. Pasqual might not have had a relaxed moment the entire time we were gone. But as you can see he has made himself comfortable with his head on the pillow making up for a weeks worth of stress. I love the look on Daisy's face. I'm not sure she could look more annoyed. I think at 17 1/2 years old she thinks she's earned the right to not share the pillows.

It actually was a rough week for them. Only a couple of days after we'd left Preacher slipped getting off the couch. When Brittany (my assistant) got here to let them out he was on the ground and couldn't get up. After trying for over half an hour to get him off the floor she called us. Of course I went into a panic and started thinking one, if not both, of us would have to fly home immediately. But my wonderful parents saved the day. My dad came over and hoisted Preacher off the floor. And after a couple of days of some pain meds and pampering he was pretty much back to normal. By the time we got home he was completely normal. But my poor parents need a vacation! As my mom said, "your dogs are too old and I am too old!" I think we might have used up our dog sitting favors for a good long while. New York, it looks like it's gonna be awhile before I see you again. Of course, I guess I could always leave Tom with the dogs! :)


Anonymous said...

OMG - you treated yourself to a vacation and left all those poor dogs at home to fend for themselves with your "assistant" only dropping in instead of having someone live with the dogs. How could you leave the Great Dane that is recovering from cancer. Shameful. I'm glad there are good dog owners around who care enough about their pets to sacrifice vacations to spend with their pets. Wow. I cried when I read about him on the floor unable to get up. He must have been so scared until he was found.

Kim said...

Wow, Anonymous. I'm assuming by your post that you don't know Laura like I do. No one loves or cares for her dogs more than she does. Everyone deserves a vacation and her dogs were under the best care by people who stayed with Preacher until his legs loosened up from laying around too much. Shame on you for being so judgmental. I love you Laura :) and your dogs love you more:)

Tom Gibson said...

Dear Anonymous,
Really? Really? I'm disappointed in how people act. Unfortunately, not surprised.

I know that these dogs had someone with them for more hours a day than most dogs that have parents that go to work for 8 to 9 hours a day. I know that the Great Dane "recovering" from cancer is actually 13 months past his last chemo treatment. I know that something must be going right to have a 12 year old Great Dane. I know that these dogs have the best of everything. I know that these dogs eat the finest food available with a monthly bill larger than what is spent on groceries.

Mostly, I know that you don't know much. I should have dismissed your comment as soon as I saw that you used OMG.

robyncz said...
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robyncz said...

Oh, Laura. The people who know you do know better. Anonymous may be one of those people who thinks they know better than anyone else and feels like it's their job to bear judgment, or he/she may simply be completely ignorant of the actual situation.

Either way, I'm sorry you felt like you had to defend yourself to an anonymous troll. Those of us who know you know exactly how much you do for your dogs and for OURS. I wonder how many homeless dogs Anonymous has rescued, nursed to health, and found homes for. I'm almost certain it's nowhere near the twelve you have provided a permanent home for, the hundreds you have cared for directly and found homes for, or the thousands you've provided for indirectly though Blue Dog.

You are an inspiration to all of us who actually know you.

(And sorry. I deleted the first version due to an annoying typo.)

Cyndy said...

Laura, you treat your dogs better than some people treat their children! (Not wouldn't believe the things I saw as a teacher.) I'm so glad you and Tom were able to have a fun trip while your sweet pets were well taken care of. Anonymous is....well, I won't stoop to that level. I'll just say uninformed and wrong.