Thursday, January 6, 2011

dinner time at the gibson's

I know I'm biased, but seriously, my dogs are cute. There are 11 of the 14 dogs in this photo...two fosters and nine of mine. Only Seven, Preacher, and Ozo are missing from the crowd. This picture makes them seem so calm when in reality dinner is a frenzy of barking, jumping up-and-down, and them making all around fools of themselves as if we haven't fed them in a good week.

I sure would love to get a photo of my whole crew where they are all facing forward. Is that the impossible dream?


robyncz said...

Oh my gosh. Who is the white cutie with the black spot over his/her eye?

Metalsgirl said...

Robyn, she was our little foster Jillian. She actually just got adopted. She is precious!!!

resolute twig said...

they are adorable :)
but yeah it might take a little magic to get a shot of them all looking at you at the same time... good luck!

Mare said...

Oh i LOVE it! I know just what you mean about feeding time frenzy, as i currently have 6 dogs here too. I just recently got 5 of the 6 to sit in one spot to take their picture and i was happy with that. You did the almost impossible with 11!!!

Narelle said...

That's such a great photo.
I love that at least Pasqual & the little one behind is looking at you!
I am so happy to hear that Jillian has been adopted.
I have not stopped thinking about her since I first saw her photo.
Lucky for my husband I don't live in the US - or she would have been mine! I wish her a grand life. xxx