Friday, August 13, 2010

I need your votes!!!

I am entering Preacher in the Save-an-Angel Calendar photo contest and I am fit-to-be-tied to choose a photo to submit. I just goes with out saying that he is THE most handsome boy in the world, we all know that, right? But how do I choose which photo to submit - I keep going back and forth. I have narrowed it down to these seven. So, will you help me?

First, let me tell you a tiny bit about the calendar so you'll know why Preacher would be such a great poster-boy. This is Save an Angel's 1st calendar and the proceeds from the calendar will help dogs with lymphoma receive life saving treatments. A cause after my own heart, right?

So, if you feel so inclined just leave me a comment letting me know which photo would look best in a calendar. Thank you!!! The above photo is number one.
number two

number three

number four

number five

number six

number seven

Thanks so much for helping. I would love for my sweet boy to be in a calendar that would help other dogs with lymphoma. How sweet would that be?!?


robyncz said...

1, 2, or 5.

I can't decide between those. They'd all make a good calendar photo.

Anonymous said...

Where is the dandilion photo? That is one of my all time favorite pictures of any dog. The way you described it--like in the picture he looked like he was hamming it up for the camera, but secretly his inside voice was very humiliated to have a flower on his head--was just priceless. I vote for that one. But if you don't like that one, then # 5 gets my vote.
~Kelly :-)

Anonymous said...

I now see the dandilion. Duh. Number one it is, for me. Can ya tell it's Friday?!?
~Kelly :-)

Julie said...

1 is my favorite, 7 is my second favorite.

Linden said...

They're all gorgeous - what a handsome boy he is!

But 1 think number 1 wins, for me - you can really see his character shining through.

Janice said...

Out of these I like 2 and 4 ! (but I think there is a pic on your blog somewhere of him that I like more!!!)

Tom Gibson said...

I love them all.
I love 2 but wish the bed was made!
I have some on the other computer we need to look at.

He's going to win for sure!

Liz said...

2 and 7?
They're all good... he's very photogenic! Seems like 2 is getting a lot of votes. There's something cloud-like about that matress!

Cyndy said...

I love them all but especially number two. His eyes are amazing. And I like that the bed is not he's saying this is my bed...sheets or not!

liz r. said...

I vote for number 1 because it is such a happy photo. He's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

1 or 5, although I love them all!

Narelle said...

Photo No.1 for me!
Like most have said, because he is so happy & looks like he is just loving life!

Liz said...

I'm re-voting for number 1. The daisy puts it over the top!

peg said...

#1 because he is smiling!

Zuzu's Petals said...

I love #1.
I think his story would get him on
the front of the calendar!!!!
If your bloggers could vote we certainly would put him there!!!!

Jyl said...

number 5, and number 2
i so love the preacherman

Suz Apalooza said...

They're all great but number one makes for a happy calendar. That face could easily brighten up a cold, dreary February!

Kate said...

I'm torn between 2 and 5.

Melissa B. said...

2 and 3 are the ones I like most even though they are all great!!! Good Luck :)

Jen said...

Preacher is such a handsome boy! I like # 7 the best. :)

Hugs to Preacher!!