Monday, June 29, 2009

Round three

We had round three of chemo today. It was eh. Not as great as the last two. Although I am not sure if I am a very good judge. The day of chemo has been a little poopy each time. This time just seems poopy-er. His chemo drug du jour was Cytoxan. Apparently it can cause bladder infections if it stays in the body too long. So they give the dogs lasix to flush it out. That = lots of drinking and peeing. Lots. Poor boy. He can't even rest. As the day progressed it eased up a bit but he just seems so restless. Today is the first time I have wondered if I am doing the right thing. I hate second guessing myself. The last two weeks have been really good. So I think I am probably over reacting. Like I said, chemo day has been a poopy day every time. So tomorrow could be, hopefully will be, much better. And it's not like he's throwing up or anything. I just can't stand him feeling bad even a little bit. So, with all of that said, I hope I haven't over extended myself in asking for well wishes and good thoughts - we still need 'em!!


Kate8085 said...

Still sendin' them.
You can't ever get enough good vibes/wishes during a time like this.
Give him an ear scratch from us.

Narelle said...

Sending Preacher and your family all the best wishes & prayers during this hard time.
You're both doing a fantastic job, keep your chin up.

Metalsgirl said...

Thanks everyone. I needed that. I had to take him back in to his oncologist today. He's just having a bad reaction to this particular chemo drug. Hopefully he'll be able to come home tonight.

robyncz said...

I hope the situation has improved by the time you read this.
So, they're switching chemo drugs each week? Maybe he won't have to take this one again. It sounds yucky.

Kisses and hugs for sweet Preacher!

Metalsgirl said...

Unfortunately things got worse. He spent the day at the oncologist yesterday getting fluids. Then came home. Then last night gave us a good scare and we rushed him to the emergency clinic. he stayed there overnight getting iv fluids/ Tom picked him up this morning and took him back to the oncologist. now we are just waiting for them to call.

Yes, he gets four different chemo meds in a cycle. Unfortunately he is supposed to get this drug three more times over the next six months. I am hoping they will find a different drug though. This has been waaaaaaay too scary.

Thanks for everything!

robyncz said...

Oh Laura!
I think I'd be compelled to leave this drug out of the mix from now on. It sounded like the others were doing their job without the life-and-death side effect.

I hope they've got him sorted out by now. Is it possible to skip a round next week to give him extra recovery time?

Poor Preacher! Poor Laura and Tom!

Metalsgirl said...

Oh, that is exactly how I feel Robyn! Tom was saying that very thing this morning. Can he have a week off and can we never hear the word cytoxan ever again! Now I am in that terrible waiting mode. I am just waiting for the oncologist to call and give me an update. I very bad at waiting. :)