Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Getting out in front of it...

The holidays are officially here!  Well, at least they are at my house.  Considering that I'm already knee deep in silver wire, saw blades, steel wool, packing tape, pliers, files, sand paper...it means that I've gotta do things a little early.  For years we had the tradition of buying our tree and putting up all the glitz on the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  But about four years ago I had to spend part of that Sunday working...and the tree sat all season with exactly ONE ornament on it.  I kept meaning to finish, but I felt guilty taking time off of work...but I was so sad to be "missing out" on any part of the merriest time of the year!  So now we just start early, simple as that!  And the great thing is - we get to enjoy it all just a little bit longer!  

So that's one thing I do to get ahead of the rush, what are your secrets?