Monday, December 9, 2013

Same ole same ole bottle o' wine

Don't we all have those people in our lives who we'd like to get something special for but the budget is kinda small?  You know who I'm talking about:
Hostess gift
Kid's teachers
the staff at the vet/doctor/salon...
Friends at the dog park

...and you've given them the bottle of wine in the red velvet bag for the past three years.  It's time for something new!  And I have a couple of ideas up my sleeve.  

First idea:
Confituras!  My friend Stephanie is a literal jam genius!  I'm not kidding.  She comes up with flavors that are just made to go together and she gives you brilliant ideas on how to use them - from savory to sweet.  I'm promise you, her jars of jam beat that tired old bottle of wine every single time!  Perfect for a hostess gift, for neighbors that have a pile of family coming in, great for grandparents who just don't need a could give this jam to anyone!

My second idea:
My very own saint bottle caps.  These babies had a very humble beginning - when I was making resin pieces I would always have left over resin and I just hated throwing it away.  One day I had a thought - "wonder if I can put Tom Selleck's face in a bottle cap with resin?"  The Answer was YES!  And then it just spiraled...and I really do think that the saint version of these caps could be the answer to some of your gift giving needs.  They are super inexpensive at just five dollars and they can cover a wide variety of people because they can be used so many different ways:

St Francis for all of your dog friends
St Blaise for your vet
St Christopher for your travelers or the niece who just got her drivers license
St John Baptist de la Salle for the teachers
St Gerard for the new mommas out there
St Joseph for the dads
St Luke for all the doctors or artists in your life
And the list goes on and on and on... They are great stocking stuffers, great tied on packages, or jut give them as the gift itself!  Again, this beats the bottle of wine...I'm telling you, a dog lover is gonna be so excited to get something they can share with their furry friend!  
And if you just insist on the bottle of wine, think how cute it would be to tie one of these around the neck?

Happy holidays y'all!