Thursday, November 29, 2012

round two

So round two of chemo is under our belt!  I think we got a little cocky about how we were handling things.  He went through round one like a champ, no side effects or reactions at all.  Round two, last week, no reactions.  In fact on Thanksgiving he was under the table begging from who ever he thought might be his best bet to schmooze!  But then a couple of days ago he started acting a little off.  Nothing specific, just not entirely Clarence.  He got more and more clingy and while I love that he wanted to snuggle for a change, it's just not him.  So off to the vet for blood work and sure enough, his white blood cell count has tanked.  Stinks.  I thought we were gonna cruise along and he would be that dog that just told chemo to go to you-know-where.  But it turns out we are not exempt.  So antibiotics, steroids, and hopefully we can turn this around fast.

Warm thoughts, well wishes, prayers, what ever you can spare - it's all welcome and appreciated.