Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happy 19th Daisy Mae.

This month our sweet old girl turned 19. I've been pretty amazed, but maybe I shouldn't be. She is quite possible THE most sheltered kitty in the world. She's 100% indoors, she eats well, and is just never, ever exposed to any dangers...unless you consider the dogs, that she slaps around or head butts depending on her mood, a danger.

I love her. I adore her. But I've gotta be honest - she drives me a little nuts. We're good all day long but when night rolls around the battle of will begins. When I go to bed I take a glass of water with me, have to. The minute that glass hits the night stand Daisy is on it like white on rice. She sticks her paw in it. Evidence here. The same paw that earlier shoved kitty litter over her, um, eliminations. She has her own glass. Yes glass. Because she refuses to drink out of a bowl like a normal cat, if there is such a thing as a normal cat. Anyway, her glass is on the dresser, a whopping three feet away from the night stand. I've started having to use one of those insulated Starbucks cups with the lid and straw. Thing two: sleeping on my feet. I'm one of those people who has to kick my feet out from under the covers at night or I feel trapped. What is more confining than tucked bed covers? Answer: being pinned down by a cat! And so the battle begins. All night long. Picking her up, moving her over six inches, falling asleep, waking up , picking her up, moving her six inches, and so on. All. Night. Long.

But, I wouldn't trade her for anything. She is affectionate, funny, adorable, oddly agile for her age, and an extreme pest. She is needy and independent all at the same time. Maybe that's why she drives me bonkers - we are too much alike.

Happy Birthday crazy girl.