Monday, October 10, 2011

settling in.

Although I don't really want to think about it, we might be inching our way into a new normal. I don't want to think about it because I'm not ready to feel "normal" yet. I'm not ready for what life with out Preacher feels like. I need this to happen without realizing it's happening.

The day we lost Preacher we were kind of all over the map figuring out how to cope. Tom's immediate reaction was "we have to get rid of the couch", his couch. We both could not bare the thought of seeing it empty. We kind of manically rearranged the furniture that very day. And that actually helped quite a bit for both of us. But for Seven I think it created even more stress. She was the dog I was most worried about. She was the one who was here for his whole life. She's the one who welcomed him home. She is the one who we could send out into the yard to get him when he couldn't hear that it was time to come in. We could tell her "Go get Preacher" and she'd run into the yard and bring him in. So we made sure that she saw him before he left the house. For days she paced the house. Was she missing him? Looking for him? Or was the furniture rearrangement just throwing her off?

Our sweet, bossy, barky-ass girl is turning 14 at the end of this month. We need life to be normal for her, for life to be easy for her. Happily she appears to have found her new spot in our rearranged life. I love her here in her newly claimed chair. I brought this chair home from my Aunt Millie's house, which for some reason makes me love her in it even more. It's not quite normal, we're just settling in.