Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Birthday dear Daisy, happy birthday to you.

This month our sweet Daisy turns 18 years old. You wouldn't know it. She looks and acts like she always has. She's weird. Cats are weird, but Daisy is REAL weird. In the nearly 13 years that we have lived in this house she has been out of the bedroom maybe, maybe three times. Maybe. I know, you're thinking "Of course she doesn't leave the room! There is a gang of dogs out there waiting to pounce!" But that's not it, I swear! One: she was like this when Tom and I had a little house in Austin and no dogs. The difference: she lived in the guest bedroom there. Two: at night she lays on the bed with the dogs, even rubs up against them. Weird. Also weird, she won't drink out of a water bowl. She has a glass on the dresser and if it's gets even slightly low she sits and screams until we fill it. And even if her water glass is full she would still prefer to drink out of the water I bring to bed at night. We go through the same routine every. single. night. She hears me set my glass down and she comes running, jumps on the bed, leans onto the night stand, and sticks her paw right into my glass. eww. She's a character and we adore her.

Happy Birthday Daisy Mae.