Monday, May 10, 2010

my new old bathroom

I've gotta tell you, when I see those design shows where they go into those 1950's bathrooms and rip out the wall to wall tile, the matching porcelain sink, tub, and toilet, the old porcelain soap dish and tooth brush holders I just cringe! I LUV those old bathrooms. And if they are pink that's even better.

So for a few years now Tom and I have been planning the remodels of our two 1978 (not a good year for bathrooms) bathrooms. We wanted the 50's look. But I never thought I would be able to find pink vintage fixtures!!! But just a couple of weeks ago a friend called to tell us about some great pieces at a local architectural salvage place. When I saw this pink sink for $30 I nearly fainted! I wanted to sit on it until we could get it in the car for fear someone else would discover this treasure. I guess I still have not figured out that I tend to like the things that most others have rejected. While I was lusting over the sink my mom comes out to tell me they had a matching toilet. Done and done.
Tom got the project under way much quicker than I thought we would and now the vanity area is complete. My sweet pink rejected sink could not look more perfect. And my amazing husband did an unbelievable job all by himself. I would post before pictures but I'm too embarrassed.
On a recent trip to New Mexico I picked up another reject. My cousin just bought a new house and it had this awesome mirror in the dining room that he thought was just dreadful and he was more than happy for me to take it off his hands. Granted it was gold leaf, pale pink, and green when he gave it to me...but I would have hung it just like that. But for the bathroom I thought a fresh coat of white paint would make it perfect. And this precious little 50's style light came from Lowes for a whopping 12 bucks!
After a trip to Ikea we had plenty of storage with even a little spot for my cutie-pie dog pin cushion from local artist Leslie Bonnell of GlitzKrieg

...and I have been waiting for months to hang these two paintings by my friend and fellow SWT grad Stephanie Nance.

Needless to say I am in love with my bathroom. I would marry my bathroom if I could. Sometimes new and shiny is good and sometimes old with a history is better.