Monday, March 31, 2008

For the love of dog!

Ummmm, how cute is that?!?! Seriously! So this is a photo of two of my wonderful dogs, Vincent and Pasqual along with our precious foster puppy Desmond. I am sharing this photo because it seems to go well with what has been on my mind this evening. Being involved with rescue I am sure you can imagine that I am not a big fan of Petland or any pet stores that sell dogs and cats. Unfortunately we are getting one in Austin. There's a big hoopla going on about it - protests and such. It just makes me sad. I mean, look at that precious face - our shelters are just jam packed with cutie pies like Desmond - big and small, young and old, male and female - just about anything you can imagine. Now, you might think that a labradoodle or a pug or a pomeranian are super cute - but they can't love you any more than a rescued dog can, they are no more devoted. And when it comes to having the "look" you want in a dog and saving a life - well, shouldn't that choice be pretty clear?

Our sweet little Desmond is on a home visit with a family right now and it sounds like things are going very well. So hopefully, fingers crossed, he has found his forever home! There is just nothing better than getting a dog or puppy from some awful situation or cold shelter and then, eventually seeing him with a family that just adores him. I have to admit, part of why i rescue is purely selfish! It feels so good!