Friday, September 4, 2009

seriously grumpy.

The flu made me miss Paolo Nutini. Just one more reason to dislike the flu. Stupid flu.


robyncz said...

A friend went and reports being disappointed. I haven't gotten the scoop and don't know WHY she was disappointed, but I thought her initial impression might ease your mind.

Still. . . the flu sucks!

robyncz said...

But can I just say. . . DAMN he's cute!

Metalsgirl said...

Tom went ahead and went and said it was awesome. I guess he hasn't learned the suble art of lying to make me feel better! :) And yes, he IS Damn cute! I kinda love him.

robyncz said...

Well, phooey. I'll talk to Lea and see what disappointed her. Maybe it was cruddy seats rather than a lame performance. Doesn't really matter, though. I was just trying to help you feel better.

Incidentally, the fact that you're posting again indicated you might be feeling a bit better. I'm glad about that.