Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A glimpse into my world...

The very first "big" tool I ever got was my torch and I set it up in my parents garage. Then, when I had my own house it was in my little garage with a dirt floor - but truthfully, the possums used it more than I did. Then we moved to a house with a fancy two car garage! :) But now I'm big time! I have a studio inside my house! Air conditioning, cable, the whole shooting match! I love it! I've got a couple of jewelers benches - the one in the forefront my dad built for me. I enjoy being in there so much that I sometimes can't wait to go to sleep so I can get up and get to work. I fill the walls and spaces with things I love - from my framed Andy Gibb albums above my window to my great grandmothers sweater over the back of my chair. It is comfortable, happy, and inspiring. Oh, and there's for sure a tube of lip balm on nearly every surface! :)


Moxie said...

Wonderful studio! Yay for air condictioned workspaces!

Debbie said...

...and a dog curled up in a warm ball at the foot of your chair :)

Hi, Laura! I miss you guys, but dang the weather sure is a lot more pleasant...60s every day here on the coast. The dogs are miserable though not having four acres to roam. Hello to Tom as well!
Giant hug to you from CA.