Monday, May 24, 2010

It's about time.

I have been working very, very hard to put together this new line of jewelry. I like to think of myself as a fairly organized person but I'm not terribly patient. Typically when I make something new I am so anxious to get it "out there" that I post it to my website and move on to the next thing. Because my aesthetic is well, my aesthetic most of my work is pretty cohesive I think. But this time I really tried to restrain myself. I worked on necklaces, earrings, and bracelets and yesterday Tom and I had our own little photo shoot. If I was smart I wouldn't post these photos until I had them on my website so that you could hop on over there and buy them up - but I am too anxious to show them off and see what you think. I have posted a couple of items to my etsy shop if you'd like to go check them out. But in the mean time let me know what you think. Happy Monday.


Kim Maguire said...

Wow!!!! I love those so much! Did Tom take the photos. They are really great as well. I want the last one,.. Seriously! Have a good week friend!

Janice said...

I think you're brillliant!

I love that you have 'lines' - a cohesive look. Wish I could get there but I seem to be schizo as a creative person.

Happy Monday!

Claire said...

I think this collection is my favorite so far! Love it!

Narelle said...

This line is just gorgeous. My favourite is the 'Love' one.
Great photo's too, you've done a great job on all aspects.

adaptive reuse said...

you know I'm a sucker for circles. love the new work. can't wait to see more.