Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jessica Beatrice in the snow.

These are seriously the biggest snowflakes I have ever seen. Granted I live in Texas, but I really do think they are big by any one's standards. It's had to get a good photo of the snow actually falling. But I think this is good for reference: Jessica Beatrice weighs 4 pounds - so that snow flake on her head is BIG!
Oh, and please try to ignore the bright orange crime scene/construction site plastic fencing in the back ground. We have new neighbors with outside dogs (arrrrggggg!) and my dogs would run the fence line all day "talking" to the neighbor dogs. So we are going to have to put up a fence within the fence soon...but this is the temp. solution. Lovely, I know.


Liz said...

Laura, I FINALLY bookmarked your blog so I can keep up with it! (I love prolific bloggers).

The photo is adorable and yes, that is one huge flake. I was sort of shocked by the chunks of snow falling myself!

So, this double fence thing- it keeps them far enough away so they don't bark? Intersting. I almost wish my next door neighbor's dog was an outdoor dog- she might actually enjoy it more than that cave of a house they keep her penned up in.

Kate said...

Yay! So glad you got some snow. After reading the post where you were wishing and planning for it, I seriously wanted to trade places with you because we just got slammed. There's another storm on the way in, too. Enjoy it while it lasts!!!