Tuesday, December 15, 2009

round 17

Well, Preacher had his 17th round of chemo today. And it was his final chemo - at least for awhile. We still have to decide about maintenance chemo and I suppose there could be further treatments down the road, but for now we are done! Whew. I can't quite believe it's been six + months. We have been through so much and I think we have handled it pretty darn well.

I might sound like a broken record but I can't possibly say it enough - Thank You. Thank you for your comments, your grab bag purchases, your e-mails and phone calls, your advice, your shoulders to cry on, your trips with me to the oncologist - so many of you have done so much and everything, everything from the comment on this blog to the hand holding in the vet's office, it has all helped and made a difficult time so much easier. Thank you.

Don't think for a second that this means I'm gonna stop the Preacher updates! He has quite the fan club now (I think it's going to his head!) and I will keep you all in the loop with info and photos. I wish there was some way for all of you to be able to meet him - I feel sure you would fall in love. Everyone who meets him does. My friends like to whisper, in case the other dogs are listening, "you know, Preacher is my favorite." I know. He has that effect on people.


Janice said...

I am so glad to hear he gets a break...and that he came through ok. He really does have a fan club I bet - because I'm a fan!! If I am, there are others. He just has such a soulful look to him. I really believe every girl should have a preacherdog. Maybe one day I'll have one. :)

All the best to you guys this holiday season!!

Stacey said...

Blessings your way.

Sharon said...

Hi sweetie, I'm not trying to be a stalker (lol) just want to know if you ever got my email ? My email is my screen name @ hotmail dot com. I wrote it that way to avoid getting spammed. Congrats on Preacher, if he went into complete remission then there will be no need for maintenance but if he had a stubborn node or 2 then maintenance is good. Lexus never went in to remission, always had swollen nodes and stayed on maintenance for 20 months, who knows how long she would have lived if her kidneys didn't fail.I miss her so much... Preacher will be fine you will see. Happy to hear your little 'piggy' is doing good too. PLEASE send me an email, Sharon & Angel Lexie

Jack the Schnauzer's Canine Cancer Journey said...

Hi - congratulations on Preacher finishing his Chemo. I will be praying for a long long remission for him. Jack is now back on about his 7th treatment on this round.