Wednesday, November 4, 2009

round 14

Yesterday was Preachers 14th round of chemo. It was vincristine day. That is our favorite drug. He typically doesn't miss a beat after that one. He's eating great, was playing chase with me this morning, wagging his nub like mad when Tom came home from work today - love it.

Only three more treatments. Wow. I can't believe it. This is gonna sound really weird, but I am a little afraid of finishing the chemo. We haven't talked to the oncologist, but I imagine that he will go back in fairly regularly for check ups - I'm scared that I am going to be a nervous wreck worrying about him coming out of remission. I know that's silly. I am going to try very hard NOT to do that. My plan is to continue just like we have - one day at a time, enjoying every minute of every day, and being grateful for all of the time we have with our handsome boy - and all of them for that matter.


susan said...

Yeah preacher= glad to know hes doing well!

Jack the Schnauzer's Canine Cancer Journey said...

Hi - sorry I haven't b4een checking in. I know exactly how you feel about finishing Chemo - I was petrified, and then everything was going well and I may have gotten a little complacent.

You wrote to me about Jack - he was regarded as being in remission for 9 months, as he went into remission from his first treatment on December 15 (the date is etched into my mind).

He has gone straight back into remission and is doing well - but of course it was very disappointing to me.

I hope that your Preacher will have a much longer remission